Travelling bar kit

Travelling bar built from a basic camera case
Travelling bar built from a basic camera case

Evenings with friends now include mixed drinks before eating, and I like to try new recipes and methods with them, as well as classic recipes. As I find I am transporting more equipment each time, I needed a dedicated method of making sure I had everything with me in an easily portable format.

Bartender bags & cases are not a new invention, and top mixologist Jim Meehan has designed perhaps the ultimate utility bag, supplied by top-end leatherworkers, Moore & Giles. However, at around $1,000, this beautiful object is a little too expensive for my current needs.

My solution was a £25 camera case from the UK electronics supplier, Maplin. The case is designed for carrying delicate photo or electronic equipment, and has a foam insert that is pre-cut in a grid format to allow one to arrange the storage to suit.

Twenty minutes work with scissors, and I now have a case that carries the following basics for an evening of mixed drinks:

Boston shaker


Bar tools (spoon, hawthorn strainer, zester & knife)


Small chopping board

Cocktail sticks

Cherries (in a base of maraschino & Angostura bitters)

Large bottle of vermouth or other flavouring ingredient (here it is Aperol, for a Death in Florence cocktail)

Bitters – four bottles: my house mixture, clove, grapefruit & Bob’s astounding Abbott’s bitters

Waiter’s friend-type corkscrew

However, I still have my eye on the Meehan bag…

Author: JonathanR

Lighting designer, fan of mixed drinks, reading and connecting things with wires.

3 thoughts on “Travelling bar kit”

    1. Excellent – glad you like this. To be honest, you could do this yourself; all you need is a cheap camera case and half-an-hour with a craft knife…
      Mind you, when I took my case with me to a NYE party, I had at least three people ask me to make them one, too. Perhaps there’s a business in there?

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